Here is another very cool tool for teachers, students, and parents.

If your child is assigned an online video to watch either at home or at school make sure that they download This very simple interface allows to to input the address of a video and a typing block opens up to the right hand side. 

The brilliant bit is that the notes field takes a time stamp every time you begin to type, so that you can go back and watch the video at that point.

In the image below I opened up my video “When is My Child Ready for a Smartphone” video via the YouTube address, and you can see the notes I took on the right with the timestamp.

video notes

Ridiculously easy to use and understand. You can use video addresses from YouTube, Khan Academy, Coursera, Vimeo and more. 

Create a free login using your Google Account and your notes will be automatically saved to your Google Drive. Alternatively you can share your notes or save them to your hard drive. 

Well done!!

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Internet Safety Expert: Jesse Weinberger

Internet Safety Book for Parents: The Boogeyman Exists by Jesse WeinbergerJesse Weinberger is an Internet Safety Expert, digital strategist, instructor, and the owner of OvernightGeek University. Weinberger is the author of “The Boogeyman Exists: And He’s In Your Child’s Back Pocket”; a guide for parents and educators on how to keep children safe in a 24-7 always connected digital society. Click here to learn more. 

She has been teaching parents, schools, and students how to navigate online and mobile risks since 2003. Jesse is available for presentations to schools, parents, students, and organizations. 







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