Congratulations to our newest social media certification graduate: Elizabeth Wagner

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Congratulations to our newest social media certification graduate: Elizabeth Wagner. Liz  has the distinction of earning BOTH the Social OGRE certification AND the Metrics OGRE certification. Liz joined us in our infancy when we only had students from the Cleveland suburbs. Liz traveled well over an hour in each direction in the ridiculous northeast Ohio winters to sit in a classroom.

Now we only meet across the miles via webcam along with students from all over the US – but the location has not changed the fact that Liz is by far the most dedicated student we have had –

Our newest Social Media Certification graduate: Elizabeth Wagner

apologies to the rest. But you just can’t compare Liz’s note taking skills to any other mere mortal. Liz has the rare ability to absorb and assimilate new concepts almost immediately.

She just “gets it” – there isn’t a better explanation really. And this is the mark of a “student” in the truest sense: to hear the concept, absorb it, and then apply it appropriately.

We would recommend Liz in literally any capacity which requires a strategic mindfulness and vast amounts of detail. You can be sure that she will take a mountain full of notes – and then apply them brilliantly.

Congratulations Liz – you’ve earned every bit of these certifications.


Elizabeth Wagner’s Bio

Elizabeth Wagner is an award-winning communications professional who possesses an MBA in international management and a knack for blending creative skills with practicality. She increases return on investment by managing and streamlining processes to be more cost effective.

Elizabeth translates complex information into materials understood by a variety of audien

ces and has skillfully defined, created and implemented Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Branding, Sales and Advertising and Outreach programs. Her work exemplifies her ability to influence thinking, forge strategic alliances and build consensus. She works collaboratively with all levels of management; is self-motivated and adaptable.

As national education and public outreach lead for Orion, NASA’s next spaceflight vehicle, Elizabeth helped to design a return to the Moon Gallery at the Great Lakes Science Center and initiated a CSU intern program recognized nationally as a best practice.

Her experience also includes advancing a business-to-business price leader to the third largest registrar in the world with a rebranding campaign, reducing the company’s marketing budget 20 percent with a new website and worldwide communications, as well as achieving $2 million in free advertising in one year.

Having satisfied the courses required in social media and metrics, Elizabeth is now certified as a Social OGRE AND as a Metrics OGRE through Overnightgeek University.


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Are you looking to prove your worth with a social media certification? Learn more about our social media classes, and our social media certifications. If you can be HALF the student that our dear Liz has been – you should make it!

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