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Our newest Social Media Certification graduate: Rita McMahon of All Media Design Group - Cleveland Ohio

Congratulations to our newest social media certification graduate: Rita McMahon from All Media Design Group. Rita has the distinction of earning BOTH the Social OGRE certification AND the Metrics OGRE certification. This is no easy feat, trust me. 

Rita joined the first group of dedicated students traveling for over an hour many evenings each week during a Cleveland winter to a high school classroom way way across town.

Our newest Social Media Certification graduate: Rita McMahon of All Media Design Group - Cleveland Ohio

Rita has been an insatiably curious student and frankly one of our favorites; always contributing real-life experiences and asking questions in a seemingly infinite desire to learn more and do more to extend the brands and products of her clients.

In short – WE LOVE RITA!!  If you have the opportunity to have Rita take a leading role in one of your projects you should – you’d be stupid not to.  If you *don’t* hire Rita, proceed at your own peril. Seriously.

Rita McMahon’s Bio

Rita has an extraordinary ability to connect with people. Her work as an account representative exudes passion and conviction, and her honesty in communicating has been the foundation of her solid career as an advertising account professional.

Rita consulted for 3 months before accepting an executive position with a Cleveland advertising agency specializing in automotive marketing.  She mastered print, direct mail, video and audio production, branding campaigns, client pitches, media strategy and marketing plans. Rita was fully accountable for multimillion dollar ad budgets and to time- sensitive projects with demanding objectives. Her portfolio includes some of the largest automotive groups in the country and she continued to expanded her skills to other retail and
Rita exhibits strong leadership skills and manages the entire agency process. Rita joined All Media Design Group in July 2010.  In addition to traditional advertising methods, Rita now often recommends web applications such ‘social media’ and ‘search advertising’ as integral parts of an effective marketing mix. She has concentrated on learning and understanding the constantly changing business of new media and skillfully uses various social platforms, Adwords and display networks for her clients. She believes in the power of the web to educate, persuade and sell audiences not being reached by traditional methods.in-home sales categories.

Believe it or not, advertising is not her only passion. She plays piano and loves to sing. If you’re out and about, you may just find her competing in some local karaoke contest or see her clawing her way to the front row of a rock concert! Above all, she loves spending time with her family and daughter.

Having satisfied the courses required in social media and metrics, Rita is now certified as a Social OGRE AND as a Metrics OGRE through Overnightgeek University. With a Bachelor’s in Business, and as an account supervisor for fifteen years, Rita has enjoyed a career fulfilling her clients’ marketing objectives no matter what the challenges!


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Wanna rock it, like Rita? Learn more about our social media classes, and our social media certifications. We can’t promise that you’ll be as fab-u as Rita, but hey – here’s to trying!

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