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Social Media

social media thumbSocial Media consulting begins with creating metrics for success and specific goals. Social media is not a one-size-fits all proposition.

Facebook is not the right tool for every industry, and Pinterest doesn’t suit every type of content.

Beginning with the end goal, OvernightGeek will help develop an overall plan to achieve your social media goals.

In general, most social media contracts include the following steps:

  1. Strategy Plan Development
  2. Implementation
  3. Analytics


Strategy Plan Development

This first step is critical to the success of the project and involves an all-hands-on-deck meeting with no more than 4 company stakeholders. This meeting will review the marketing plan, process, and sales implementation.

The deliverable will include a detailed analysis, specific plan, implementation process, resource estimates, and suggested analytics.



The actual doing of the posting and content development. We will almost always suggest that you assign dedicated staff time to the implementation. Generally speaking it works best if those resources only work on social media and marketing tasks.

The implementation phase includes gathering of outcome data. How well did we meet the metrics?



Analytics reporting is not really a task which can or should be outsourced to any resource without deep experience in this area. Analytics goes way beyond the number of likes, etc and should always delve into what the numbers actually *mean* to the overall project.

Good analytics reporting concludes with more viable questions than answers to apply to the next round of implementation. If you’re not doing this, it’s best to not waste your time.