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Hire Internet Safety Expert Jesse Weinberger to Speak to Your: School, Parents, Teachers, or Organizations

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If you are interested in booking a speaking engagement or training session in your community, please contact Jesse Weinberger via our contact form.

“Jesse Weinberger is a presenter that all parents should be required to see! She tells it like it is, in a way that will scare you… in a good way! If you have a pre-teen or a teen you must, must, must hear her tips on internet safety. Prior to Jesse’s course I thought that I was savvy to the kinds of trouble that was lurking on the internet after all I am on Facebook, I am on Instagram… oh boy I had no idea! Jesse’s no nonsense approach and interactive delivery make this sometimes touchy subject fun and fact filled.” Amy G – parent

“Thank you Jesse Weinberger for a fantastic Internet Safety presentation to our 4th and 6th grade Girl Scouts! You tackled the important topic of internet safety without boring the girls with statistics and sounding like a “mom”. The girls were laughing and asking questions – no small feat! I really appreciate the time you took with our group and encourage all parents to get up to speed on this important safety issue! “Mrs. Q – Girl Scout Troop Leader

If you are interested in booking a speaking engagement or training session in your community, please contact Jesse Weinberger via our contact form.

5 Reasons School Districts and Parents Love Booking Jesse Weinberger – Internet Safety Expert

Expert Click Badge-Internet Safety Expert - Jesse Weinberger1. Your audiences will be moved, educated, and utterly changed. Jesse is able to effectively move her audiences and students with the perfect combination of humor and a deep expertise in this new digital world.

“I have been a technology professional for 20 years and I thought I had a good understanding of what it meant to be safe on the internet.  Jesse opened my eyes to potential REAL threats that I did not know existed.  Whether you are a technology novice or a so called expert, you will learn something in this class that you will start applying immediately.  I recommend this class to anyone who has a child and a device that connects to the internet. ” Greg K – parent

2. Jesse over-delivers results to event planners, school administrators, and PTA’s. Before every event, Jesse discusses any history the audience has already had with specific issues (like cyberbullying, sexting, sextortion, harassment, media literacy, or specific platform concerns), then she includes that specific content in a customized format. Jesse will also provide you with promotional ideas for getting parents to engage/attend presentations, and will provide templated and highly produced flyers which are adapted for all presentations. 

“Jesse is an energetic presenter who has presented to parents regarding social media and internet safety. She is a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to work with. I appreciate Jesse’s strong work ethic and her honest approach to communication.”      Mrs. H – Middle School Principal
NOTE: This particular school administrator has hired Jesse back six times to present to students and parents from 4th to 8th grade. 

“Jesse Weinberger is truly an expert in her field. I know of no one more knowledgeable on the subject of internet safety.  She engages students and parents and facilitates constructive dialogue throughout her presentation.  Many parents requested that we invite Mrs. Weinberger back later in the school year for another session.  Our students will be safer because of this informative assembly. ”       Mr. W – Middle School Principal

3. Jesse has an incredible knack for reaching kids where they live and breathe. She will ask them the things you are afraid to ask, and will encourage them to live in a digital world in a SAFE way without sounding like a “boring, out of touch” adult. Students LOVE Jesse Weinberger. 

“Mrs. Weinberger I want to thank you – that was disturbing AND awesome all at the same time” – Austin, 6th grade student

“Jesse’s seminars are not to be missed. She is a great speaker for the simple fact that she is relatable to the kids.  She is engaging, witty, and direct.  She will provide you with a wealth of information on all things social media.  There is not a question she can’t answer, and you will learn all the do’s, dont’s, and dangers of all of the social media platforms. My 13 yr. old daughter enjoys her lectures thoroughly whenever she visits the school. If you are clueless about what your child is doing online, on their phone, or on the computer, get in the know and attend Jesse’s lectures.  ”    Kim B – parent

Available Presentations

“Don’t Be A Sheep” for students (3rd to 12th grade)

This presentation combines the best of the Internet Safety for Students presentation and adds in a heavy dose of media literacy. Children are posting inappropriate photos of themselves because of what they see online and everywhere else. They have become desensitized to overly sexualized content. This presentation brings it all into perspective and encourages children to not fall into the trap of being “a sheep” and believing whatever they hear and see online. The ‘Don’t Be A Sheep’ lens is then used to discuss cyberbullying, sexting, sexual predation, and the use and misuse of digital tools. 

All content delivered is age-appropriate and uses age-appropriate language

  • What do you hear & see?
    Media Literacy, Critical Analysis of Advertising and Other Online Content
  • What do you say?
    What is your social and social media bias? Do you *really* believe that?
  • Where do you say it?
    Which platforms are you using? How are you communicating? Platform Safety: Sexual Predation & Bullying
  • How do other people see you?
    Think Before You Post – Managing your online reputation Sexting & the Law. Yes, it’s a felony and Yes you can go to jail
  • How do you see yourself?
    Being an independent thinker: Exercise on self-awareness


Internet Safety for College Students aka: “Social Media for the Emerging Job Seeker” 

This presentation is meant for college students who are about to embark on a job or internship search. Consider this presentation as 50% “managing and scrubbing your online reputation” and 50% “learning how to use social for job search”.

  • Audience Feedback : How many interns vs career seekers? Which industries? What are your biggest dreams/fears about working?
    This feedback will determine the scope and direction of the presentation
  • The reality of job search: past, present, and future
    Your dream job will see YOU before you even hear about it. If you do not currently have a job, your full-time job is finding a job
  • What is social media, really? Defining our terms and understanding scale
  • What does your social media say about you?
    Think Before You Post – Managing your online reputation aka Stupid ways to lose an opportunity
  • Using social for job search
    Linkedin – if you’re not on Linkedin, you don’t exist
    Facebook, Twitter, etc – it depends on your field of interest
    Blogging – how this can help “prove what you know”
  • How to create your own opportunities
    Begin with the end in mind


Internet Safety for Parents/

Professional Development for Teachers

This presentation is FAR MORE explicit and graphic than those meant for a student-audience. We will be reviewing criminal cases in the news and their tragic outcomes. Parents interested in attending should be alerted in advance to make arrangements for childcare. Ideally parents will be exposed to this course before their child starts the 3rd grade, which seems to be the “magical” time when parents are purchasing smartphones to their children. This presentation reviews specific platforms: which to avoid, which to allow with privacy settings, and what to watch out for in general. Parents will be given a sample family digital use policy which can be edited to suit any family dynamic. 

PD Note: The content for both the parent presentation and the PD version are similar in scope (as follows) but the PD version contains classroom specific actions and risks versus the parent version. 

  • How did we get here today?
  • Parental Complicity
  • How do your kids connect?
    Understanding the difference in various access methods
    Understanding the foundation of vulnerability
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting
  • Sexual Predation & Sextortion
  • Social Media
    Understanding synchronous and asynchronous platforms
    Specific platforms to avoid
  • How to become an engaged digital parent

If you are interested in booking a speaking engagement or training session in your community, please contact Jesse Weinberger via our contact form.