Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators

On March 6, 2014 I will be presenting at OASSA’s Hot Topics Session in Columbus, Ohio. The Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators offers its members many benefits including professional development.

The Hot Topic Conference being held on March 6th will include speakers on ethics, the legal aspects of teacher evaluations and other “happening now” hot topics.

I will be presenting: “2014 Digital Underbelly: How to react when serious life-changing tech issues affect your students”

Description: This presentation covers the vastly misunderstood reality of your students’ digital life (and the issues are way larger than just cyberbullying). Every day, your students are engaging in behaviors which are resulting in serious life-changing consequences. Learn what to look for, and how to be reactive AND proactive when digital issues land in your hallways and in your office.

Member AND Nonmembers are welcome to attend all OASSA events. Hope to see you there!

More information on OASSA and this event in particular

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Internet Safety Expert: Jesse Weinberger

Internet Safety Book for Parents: The Boogeyman Exists by Jesse WeinbergerJesse Weinberger is an Internet Safety Expert, digital strategist, instructor, and the owner of OvernightGeek University. Weinberger is the author of “The Boogeyman Exists: And He’s In Your Child’s Back Pocket”; a guide for parents and educators on how to keep children safe in a 24-7 always connected digital society. Click here to learn more. 

She has been teaching parents, schools, and students how to navigate online and mobile risks since 2003. Jesse is available for presentations to schools, parents, students, and organizations. 





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