“As I travel around the United States presenting to parents, children, and school districts, there are moments I look out at the audience, and think “these people must think I’ve gone mad”. Sometimes I feel like Chicken Little shouting: “The sky is falling,” but then I turn on the news the next morning, and a chunk of the sky falls into my coffee.”

Your single and only chance to protect your children is to become educated.

Educate yourselves! The book includes

  • Each chapter ends with Action Steps to implement at home and “discussion starters” to encourage communication with your children.
  • How has parenting changed in the AD (After Digital) era
  • How do your children connect? With and without your knowledge?
  • Understanding the 2 major points of vulnerability
  • How to be a proactive parent
  • In-depth analyses of: cyberbullying, sexting, and sexual predation
  • Understanding social media from your child’s perspective
  • Review of the most popular apps & games your children are using including: Minecraft, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and more

Table of Contents

Internet Safety Book for Parents: The Boogeyman Exists by Jesse Weinberger

SECTION I:  Understanding the Basics

  • Chapter 1: The Central Issue
  • Chapter 2: Parenting in Transition
  • Chapter 3: Be Proactive
  • Chapter 4: Web Statistics – How Big Is It Really?
  • Chapter 5: How Do Your Children Connect?
  • Chapter 6: Understand the Two Major Points of Vulnerability

SECTION II:  Direct Threats

  • Chapter 7: Cyberbullying
  • Chapter 8: Sexting
  • Chapter 9: Sexual Predation

SECTION III:  Your Child’s Actual Digital Life

  • Chapter 10: Understanding Social Media
  • Chapter 11: Review of the Apps Your Child Is Probably Using

SECTION IV: Parental Engagement

  • Chapter 12: What You Can Do Today
  • Chapter 13: Recommended Resources

Jesse Weinberger is an Internet Safety Expert and owner of OvernightGeek University. Since 2003, in addition to consulting with school districts and law enforcement, Jesse has traveled all over the United States presenting to tens of thousands of teachers, parents, and students every year. Jesse is the author of “The Boogeyman Exists: And He’s in Your Child’s Back Pocket”, a complete guide to keeping your children safe in a 24-7 always-connected digital society.

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