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Pricing & Fees

We did NOT want to create this page on the website, we hemmed…we hawed…we played trashcan basketball. And yet….

These are the questions we get on a daily basis:

  • Yes every project is different, but do you have a RANGE? 
  • Are you available to do PRO BONO work? How about 100 hours over 5 weekends?
  • We have no idea what we want, can you fix that? And how much will it cost?

NOTE: OvernightGeek University Online Courses are priced individually and can be found here 

Live Presentations

live presentation

 Price Range: Beginning at $750 plus travel 

OvernightGeek University has presented on a variety of topics for corporations and nonprofits. Learn more about Internet Safety Expert: Jesse Weinberger.

These are the most requested topics:

  • “Social Media for the Job Seekers: It’s more than just Linkedin”
  • “Don’t Be a Sheep: Media and Life Literacy for Middle Schoolers”
  • Internet Safety for School District Administrators
  • Internet Safety for Parents and Children
  • Social Media: Metrics & Processing Data for Agencies
  • Social Media: Increasing Exposure & Revenue for Nonprofits

Here’s a snippet of a live presentation

Website Design

web design icon

Price Range: $750 to $10K   
NOTE: we only charge flat rates for web design – billed half up-front and half on delivery

In almost 100% of the cases, we’re developing WordPress websites. WordPress sites make it easy for you (the client) to update and maintain the site once it’s built. There are too many reasons why you SHOULD use a WordPress website.

Here’s our general web design philosophy

strategySocial Media & Digital Strategy

Price Range: $1,500 to $15K
NOTE: flat rate- billed half up-front and half on delivery

Creating a social media and/or digital marketing strategy takes time and a lot of analysis. Can we pretty much assume that if you own a restaurant that you should be on Facebook? Yeah probably. And will you get results? Yeah probably. See what I did there? Your results will be as sketchy and non-specific as the front end analysis (or lack of it) which occurs before the implementation.

If you’re expecting actual results, and actual ROI (which you should be), then you have to put in the time/money/effort/research into creating a mindful strategy.

And yes, we tend to like nonprofits. So yes, we tend to be on the lower end of the scale for nonprofits.

Here’s our general social strategy philosophy

“Pick Your Brain Session”

pcik yourbrain

For all non-clients and non-students:  $150/hour

Very often potential clients, friends, nonprofits, neighbors – and even the mailman will ask to “pick our brain”….over coffee, over drinks….over lunch.

We love helping our clients – we especially love helping our students with questions related to some of their client work.

When you become an OvernightGeek University student – you will automatically have access to “office hours” where you can ask any and all questions you may have about a specific digital marketing strategy, how to price your services, and everything in between.

Who buys PYB Sessions? 

  • PR agencies who need strategic or tactical ideas on a particular project
  • Nonprofits who are looking for clear and concise direction on a singular goal with quick deployment
  • Any corporate application (B2B or B2c) which requires brainstorming for content development, deployment, or analysis

How it works: 

  1. Client purchases any number of “Pick Your Brain” hours on this website
  2. In an advance email we will ask you to please make the question or particular goal clear so that we can prepare somewhat in advance for the call
  3. We will schedule a video or phone conference (your choice) at a mutually agreed upon time
  4. After the call, we will follow-up with any items, resources, or information referenced during the call