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Welcome Dynamics Online Fans!

Metrics OGRE badge.fwWe love Dynamics Online and we’re guessing you probably do too… great company, fantastic service, awesome team! If you’re a PR agency, communications firm, corporate entity, or nonprofit – we have a feeling you’ll also love OvernightGeek University.

Why should you care about OvernightGeek University?

  • LEARN: We teach brands and agencies how to implement measurable digital marketing campaigns
  • ZERO SUCKAGE FACTOR: Our classes don’t suck – if you’ve taken online courses, you know that means – blech….
  • UPDATED: Self-paced courses and access for an entire year to course materials – every time something new comes up in that subject, we pop a lesson into your course
  • LIVE OFFICE HOURS: Twice a month there are live office hours available with instructors. Bring your client questions, strategy brainstorming – whatever
  • CERTIFICATIONS: Prove what you know with three levels of social media certifications

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 Other good stuff to know:

dynamics logoVisit Dynamics Online : a full-service Internet marketing agency that works to ensure your website will get noticed.