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Course Testimonials

we rock you can too.fwHere’s what some of our students have to say about the AWESOMENESS of our courses…


“I have taken five classes so far through Jesse at OvernightGeek University and have found each one to be a tremendous value and always insightful. I do not consider myself an amateur when it comes to social media and I wondered what more I could learn prior to taking courses. Jesse proves in each class that there’s so much more to discover. She’s very insightful and does a great job making sure that each class member understands the lesson. The classes always have students with varying backgrounds and skill levels and Jesse adapts to each student. She gears classes to manage the student and not the class. I’m delighted I enrolled at OvernightGeek University and am thrilled to be able to grow my internet marketing knowledge and overall social media skills. The internet is diverse and ever-changing and I’m glad to be a part of a classroom that keeps up with it all.” Rita McMahon 

“Jesse blends a unique combination of confident enthusiasm when teaching at OvernightGeek University. Her classes are both fun and informative and she delivers her content with insightful creativity. Any communications professional wanting to update skills should take a course or two from Jesse.”  Elizabeth Wagner

“There is no comparison between other courses and this one. Instructor knowledge, course content, and desire to keep up with students across various skill levels. Everything. She also went out of her way to answer specific questions.”  – Darlene Mullen

“Excellent, very professional, enthusiastic about sharing knowledge.”  – Wanda Thomas

“Good sense, made course interesting, relevant data imparted, good sense of humor.” -Jim Masterson

“Jesse was a very knowledgeable instructor, she was very patient with new users.”  -Dale Haessly

“Very enthusiastic instructor, kept it lively.” -Sharon Rennell

“Jesse was very good about covering the material that was appropriate to its class participants.” -Ellen Bertrand

“Instructor was very enthusiastic to help us learn.” -Wallace Tanner

“Jesse was very helpful and patient!” -Deborah Cummings

“Very patient, answered all questions completely” – Mike Gulvio


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