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Season 01: Episode 02: Staying Sane – Digital parenting during a pandemic

The Stay at Home order has had an immense impact on family dynamics – particularly in terms of technology and device usage. Cabin fever + boredom + too much togetherness can become a real challenge, and as a result it’s easy to feel like a parenting failure. You’re not alone, we’re all screwing it up.

For this episode, I interviewed William- a father of four, Hailey and Holly a mother-daughter duo from Long Island, and my own two best friends from high school – Phoebe and Clarice. I asked them about where they are succeeding and where they are failing in terms of digital parenting. Their answers are honest, helpful, and frequently hilarious. I hope you enjoy hearing this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

Remember – Parenting is hard. Be kind yourself

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Episode Notes

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Live streaming shows mentioned
  • This Is Us
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Gilmour Girls
  • Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up
  • All American
  • Ozark
TikTok & US State Dept. ban
  • U.S. Military Branches Block Access to TikTok App Amid Pentagon Warning  (read)
  • State Department and DHS ban TikTok from government-issued devices  (read)
  • The Department of Defense Is Warning People Not to Use TikTok Over National Security Concerns (read)

Episode Highlights

  • 02:15 Part One : Interview with William
  • 22:10 Part Two : Interview with Hailey & Holly
  • 46:19 Part three : Interview with Phoebe and Clarice

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