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We don’t have huge offices, or a mission statement etched in glass in our foyer. We only have two goals: 1. to meet your goals 2. to make you self sufficient.

Once the job is completed – if we never hear from you again, we’ll know you’re happy! (Send us a Christmas card every once in a while so that we know you’re still alive!)

We can help you, and we can do it today. We’re happy to discuss any potential project  before you commit to anything.  Need to be convinced? Read some of our testimonials.

web design iconOvernightGeek Web Design & Consulting

But my nephew’s friend said he knows how to design websites….

If you can find a high school student, or an out of work part-time “really needs the money” developer to develop a quality piece of software or website, then God-speed.

At least 30% of our work can be classified as “rescue” work meaning that the high school student broke up with his girlfriend, or the part-timer had been slammed at work and the last thing to get done is your project.

When we develop your project: everything is custom made. That means no templates, no cookie cutter anything, ever. Oh yeah, and we tend to be less expensive than most other full service developers.

Learn more about our philosophy  and our general pricing guideline


Social Media Consulting


Social Media consulting begins with creating metrics for success and specific goals. Social media is not a one-size-fits all proposition. Facebook is not the

right tool for every industry, and Pinterest doesn’t suit every type of content. Beginning with the end goal, OvernightGeek will help develop an overall plan to achieve your social media goals.

In general, most social media contracts include the following steps:  1. Strategy Plan Development   2. Implementation   3. Analytics

Learn more about our social marketing consulting philosophy and our general pricing guidelines

Live Presentations

live presentation

 OvernightGeek University has presented on a variety of topics for corporations and nonprofits. Please email with requests on any other customized topics, particularly in the areas of digital marketing and/or internet safety.

These are the most requested topics:

  • “Social Media for the Job Seekers: It’s more than just Linkedin”
  • “Don’t Be a Sheep: Media and Life Literacy for Middle Schoolers”
  • Internet Safety for School District Administrators
  • Internet Safety for Parents and Children
  • Social Media: Metrics & Processing Data for Agencies
  • Social Media: Increasing Exposure & Revenue for Nonprofits

Here’s a snippet of a live presentation


Location, location

Although most software development projects and web development projects are completed in Northeast Ohio, in the Cleveland area we have happy clients all over the US including Florida, California, and NYC.

We just consulted via Skype on a technical writing project in North Carolina, and a social media strategy project in Switzerland. Location is immaterial. Really.