Season 02 : Episode 02 : Pings, Games & Princess Frosty Face

Episode Summary

What can we ALL do to reduce device time? (Parents too!) Strategies to reduce phone pickups via using Do Not Disturb and using gamification (kids v parents) to see who can use their devices for the least amount of time. We also debate the usefulness of Apple Watches (Big Mama is NOT convinced).

REMEMBER: Be careful and avoid moist dudes in basements

Co-host: Big Mama’s cousin – George

  • How to reduce phone pickups
  • Stupid trivia activity usage stats
  • Apple Watch – yes or no
  • How George’s children became vicious CandyLand players. What’s up, Princess Frosty Face?
  • Create a competition between kids and parents on device usage (spoiler alert – kids will probably win)
  • Board games George and his family love
  • Why just the term Do Not Disturb triggers anxiety & marital strife in George’s house
  • Why Big Mama isn’t a fan of Apple Watches
  • Why parents shouldn’t be texting kids during the school day
  • Kids are already under immense pressure – added pings and notifications make life more dramatic and complicated
  • Using dumb/flip phones as a partial solution
  • George catches himself getting distracted by the SILENCE coming from his phone.
  • Getting stuck in a reward loop
  • Putting your phone, in a different room

Big Mama put together a family contract written from a teen’s perspective which kids can use to confront their parents in a positive way.

It includes items like: I can’t pause a live game, and please ask me before posting pictures of me on your social media.

You can download the teen family contract here.

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